About Christina Moran-O'Brien

It all started when...

I was pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted my best chance at an intervention-free delivery.  I was very interested in all the different comfort techniques available to me, but many childbirth classes focused only on their techniques without any attention to scientific evidence or the choices I would make in childbirth.   This is why I chose Hypnobabies--a balance between comfort measures, science, and the confidence to make my own birth choices.

My first Hypnobabies birth to my daughter was wonderful.  From pregnancy, through birth, and our months together, our time together was wonderful.  When we lost her at a few months old, I was even more grateful that our entire time together was blissful.  

My rainbow births with my 2nd and 3rd Hypnobabies were equally empowering.  In the months that followed, I spoke to so many moms who hadn't had the same feeling of confidence.  It was then that I decided to become a Hypnobabies educator.  Every mother deserves to have the easiest, most comfortable, and most empowered birth possible.